Is your child’s world -

       …like a spinning wheel?

*     Exhausting Energy which doesn’t seem to end…

*     Problems to concentrate in school and home

*     Forgettable with their homework?

*     Poor attention span, doesn’t seem to listen?

*     Forgettable with their homework?

*     Difficulties to complete tasks?

*     Is my kid inexplicably rowdy at times?

*     Does my child seem to disobey me or their teacher?

*     Is my kid impulsive?


The high demands at school, together with a wide range of tasks at home, can be perceived as difficult by some children within their development.

Some childdren are suffering the frustration of having to focus on subjects which seem to be so abstract, difficult and of no apparent importance or understanding.

This strain on parents as well as teachers can be difficult to comprehend for bystanders.

Although your kid seems to be mentally capable and full of energy discovering whatever distractions life is presenting, parents can reach their limits in exhaustion and frustration trying to channel their kids attention to the essential things within their hyper-active lives...

Your child may be suffering from ADHD or ADD 

A qualified diagnosis of ADHD can show a path of relief for the child as well as for the parent alike.

Modern science has progressed in recent years and has shown a wider range of approaches to treat  ADHD.

Although modern advances of medication has its place and is promising a more effective relief than ever, it is too often considered as a mere quick-fix approach to deal with the symptoms of ADHD alone.


The modern treatment of ADHD has been proven more effective if taken with a multiple approach.

Your child has to be considered as an integral personality with an individual physical and mental health constellation.

Parents are commonly very concerned by the mere thought of using medications as a first line treatment and therefore alternative treatments have gained more ground and development.


We would like to accompany you on a journey to investigate how a natural treatment protocol can be taken before deciding towards a pure chemical treatment of ADHD. Naturopathy in conjunction with phytotherapy and psychotherapy has proven to be very effective in supporting the development of a child with ADHD.


A structured treatment-approach with, lifestyle adjustments, modern herbal remedies and the direct use of psychotherapeutic sessions is a constructive management system to aid your child to a successful development. This will slow down the daily stress cycle kids and parents are subjected to.

Why using a multiple approach?

The causes of ADHD are affected by various factors such as genetical setup, chemical brain imbalances, environmental constraints, or due to a wide range of other factors.


The common approach to address a chemical imbalance in the brain, with the mere use of medication alone, is only considering one part within the complex constellation of ADHD. Such an approach is limited by the fact that a range of behavior patterns in your child have already been established within their development, in order to compensate for the personal constrains, your child is currently subjected to.


This can make the actual treatment complex if not addressed with a professional approach. The emotional as well as chemical (physical) and environmental influences on your child have to be attended to and monitored. In addition an in-depth knowledge has to be applied in order to support the regaining of your child’s full functionality.



What are the next steps?


The behavior patterns which have been embedded in your child’s development need to be analysed, restructured and re-established in order to cope normally with the high demands your child is confronted with on a daily bases. A skillset which other people take for granted in order to cope with their emotional and mental tasks will need to be redeveloped. This can be successfully achieved with the professional help of a specialised therapist.


On the other side your child can be efficiently helped with a wide range of treatments ranging from practical advice, to effective natural and modern scientific herbal remedies as well as diet and lifestyle adjustments. Also the use of tools such as Iridology can be used to understand your child’s genetical constitution to induce the apropriate treatment for your child.


Where do I go from here?


Ensure that you are consulting a trained and registered Naturopath/Phytotherapist who is qualified in this fields so that your child is getting the support it deserves.

Please feel free to enquire at our reception for more details and we will ensure that we will address all of your questions concerning your child.

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